D.I.V.A. Auxiliary Danceline -White & Gold (Dancers)

The D.I.V.A. Auxiliary Dance Line is a performance ensemble that is a component of the Symphony Of Soul Marching Band. The ladies are selected through an intense audition process in April each year. Once the squad is selected, they participate in summer workout sessions and a rigorous 2 week band camp period in August to prepare for the season. The performance season begins in late August and ends in March and includes parades, football half time shows, dance competitions, exhibition performances, battle of the bands, pep rallies, basketball games and more.

For more information on the D.I.V.A. Auxiliary Dance Line we encourage you to browse our website carefully, especially prospective members. Visit our frequently asked questions page and auditions link.

Practices are held Monday-Friday in the evenings with games on Saturdays. Participants must be currently enrolled at Bowie State University (or an approved consortium program school). Squad members have a range of performance backgrounds including band auxiliary, competition dance teams, pom squads, cheerleading, color guard, gymnastics and more. While our ladies enjoy the performance aspect of being a D.I.V.A., they are first and foremost students at the university.

Prospective members are encouraged to learn all they can about the audition process during this time and should contact the Auxiliary Coordinator with any questions not answered on the site. The ladies are proud of who they are and the things that make our squad special. Ladies who join the D.I.V.A. Auxiliary Dance Line experience many benefits such as:

– extensive travel opportunities free of charge

– development opportunities for squad members

– sisterly relationships & being a part of the marching band family

– serving as an ambassador for the university & being known on campus as a role model and upstanding peer

– being known as a “D.I.V.A.” and more…

It is encouraged that our ladies to be well rounded and enjoy all types of activities at Bowie State University. Many of the young ladies have joined sororities, participate in campus events and are in academic honor societies.

SENSATIONS COLOR GUARD – Purple & White (Flags)

The Sensations color guard was founded in the fall of 1997, they are apart of the S.O.S marching band committed to representing the school spirit of the illustrious Bowie State University. We are also devoted to the importance of building strong bonds through sisterhood. Sensations are a group of talented, sassy, sophisticated, and educated young ladies who work hard learning different skills and assets that focus on building leadership, confidence, and tenacity while becoming better citizens through team work.

90(Degree sign) N – Black & Gold (Drum Major)

SOUL SCREAMAS – Purple & Silver (Piccolo)

The illustrious piccolo section of the Symphony Of Soul Marching Band, also known as the Soul Screamas. Members encourages individuality, uplifts, motivates and empowers one another in the section as well as other sections in the band. They uphold the morals of their section in all that they do by constantly demonstrating the standards set before them.

BLAQUE SOUL – Black & Silver (Clarinet)

Blaque Soul Founded in 1999 by Linnea Smith, Shannon Campbell, Saquita A. James, Jana Highsmith and Shirlesa Gilespie. Colors: Black and Silver established to bring unity, uniqueness and quality musicianship to the clarinet section to enhance the Sos band

REDRUM (flip “R’s”) – Red & Black (Saxophone)

The saxophone (colloquially referred to as sax) is a conical-bored instrument of the woodwind family.It is usually made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece.The saxophone is commonly associated with popular music, big band music, blues, and jazz – but was originally intended as both an orchestral and military band instrument. In the Symphony of Soul the saxophone section known as REDRUM takes pride in having the highest energy and enthusiasm on game day, flashy horn swings, and the highest knees in the band.

STRADUSFEAR – Green & White (Trumpets)

Voted many times as “Best Trumpet Section of the CIAA”, StradusFEAR is known to produce such a clean and wonderful sound that always leaves the crowd astound.

V.S.O.P (Vicious Sounds of Power) (Mellophone)

VSOP (Vicious Sounds of Power) is definitely a highly respected section within the “Symphony of Soul”. The mellophone is a brass instrument that is typically used in place of the horn in marching bands or drum and bugle corps. The main reason that the mellophone is used in place of the horn for marching is that the mellophone is a bell-front instrument, so that the sound goes in the direction that the player is facing. Although, the marching french horn also is in this same bell front configuration. Mellophones also are usually constructed with a larger bore for louder volume than marching French horns. This is especially important in HBCU high-stepping and drum corps-style marching bands, in which the audience is typically standing or sitting on only one side of the band.

T.F.H – Red (Baritone)

The Symphony of Soul Baritone Section provides a powerful sound unlike any other. Whether in the stands or on the football field, the baritone section gives a show and entertains the crowd through musicality and articulation. We pride ourselves in marching to our full capabilities unlike any other. Every year the Baritone Section brings pride and joy, not only in our sound but our attitudes as well. This Section sets a foundation to enhance the tone of the band and brings the band to its full potential. The Baritone Section leaves the games at home, because when its showtime this section is always ready to go.

E.O.D (Elements of Destruction) (Trombones)

Established in 1999 by Allahmein Crews, the Elements of Destruction were the foundation of an elite trombone section for the Symphony of Soul. Balance, Power, Family, and Discipline are core values that the Symphony of Soul Trombone Section represent each and every day. The trombone section is the backbone of the band, providing the foundation of the chord structure, as well as powerful hormonious melodies. We are continuing to move towards a brighter and stronger future as a section, and we will soar to new heights as musicians, bandsmen, and as contributing members of society.

Soul “X” Plosion – Black & Gold (Sousaphone) | BSU SOS

The sousaphone is a type of tuba often used in a marching band. It is named after John Philip Sousa, the famous march composer and conductor. “Soul Explosion” is one of the most respected sections in the CIAA. They are known to always have the home and even visiting crowds moving to their smooth sounds of “Pure Soul” while performing numerous fanfares and of course holding down the bass of the “Symphony of Soul”

PERFECT STORM – Black, Blue & Silver (Percussion/Drums) | BSU SOS

Perfect Storm- The electrifying Symphony of Soul Percussion section has performed in New York at the Big Apple Classic from 2006-2010, and also were featured guest on ESPN’s “Cold Pizza”. Upholding the standards of the SOS band with a driving force of motivation and attitude, The Perfect Storm Drumline has a technical and showtime playing style that leaves a crowd shaking in their seats. As one of the most disciplined sections, they are among the first to arrive to rehearsal and the last to leave.

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